Stealth Problem

I have been testing out this firewall with the Shields Up site, but for some reason, no matter what settings I choose, I can’t stealth port 25. What am I doing wrong?

Are you operating your own email server? Port 25 is for SMTP traffic.

No, I’m not. After reading the Shields Up description, I can’t see why it’s open, unless some program I don’t know about is keeping it open. I’ve scanned my computer for viruses, spyware, etc.

Take a look under firewall/active connections and see what is listening on port 25. Are you using a router that has an smtp setting? Something on your machine seems to think it is an email server. You may be able to get a little more information by downloading a copy of tcpview and seeing what it says about the port. Next step would be to look for a Trojan with something like BOClean.

The firewall just crashed on me. I’ll do as you advised after I restart.

Ok, there is a line in my router that says. ‘Virtual Server SMTP TCP 25 / 25’. Is that safe? It says it is a disabled rule.

Can you turn it off in your router? What kind of router is it? If not, you can add a block for it in CFP, but your router will still respond to GRC. I’ll also move this topic to the appropriate section.

Yes, the rule is disabled in the router and I’ve checked out the other rules. I’m also checked the connections using the firewall and TCPView, but there is nothing listed with port 25. I think I won’t worry about it until I see something actually trying to use port 25.

Thanks for your help.

If the rule is disabled, you should get at least a “closed” from the GRC test. Is that what you are seeing? Closed is fine for security, just can be used to see that you are there.

It says that the port is open and it is also saying the same for two other ports: 113 and 443