Stealth Ports

I’ve tested Comodo at Gibson and I see 3 ports arent stealthed.

After goggling I found instruction how to block connections to certain ports,but they still show as responsive ,not stealthed how do you fix this?

Shouldn’t Comodo by default stealth NET BIOS? At least provide a pop-up concerning connection attempts, given the issues with Net bios.

I did search the forum and all I found was an Italian with a similar problem.

I figured it out. I set stealth ports for everyone else,under the stealth ports wizard.

Are you behind a router? If that is the case GRC is probing the router and not CIS on your computer.

In Stealth Port Wizard check last option and then retest!

Hi thanks for responding.

I did what jovan111p suggested and my ports are stealth.

Sorry for the delayed response; your assistance is appreciated.