Stealth Ports


I’m a relatively new Comodo Firewall user so please bear with me.

I’ve been getting a ridiculous number of hits from a certain few IP addresses on my Comodo Event Log. So I went to “My Blocked Network Zones” and listed them as blocked IPs.

Does this mean that, rather than not getting a response, these people will now get a “closed” response and know that I’ve blocked them? Or will they just get no response as they had previously and be unaware as to whether or not I’m online [NOTE - I’ve been using the third option “stealth my ports to everyone” since I started using the firewall].

The second question is: does Comodo prevent Network Discovery from other IPs on the same ISP and network as you? In other words, if you’ve chosen option 3 and have your ports stealthed, can those on the same ISP network as you still see whether you’re online by pinging you [assuming these people know which network you’re on and which ISP you’re using]?

Hope you can answer these important (to me) questions.

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Are you behind a hardware firewall? All your finds mean nothing if you are.

Yes, I don’t have Comodo Stealthing my ports because If i do my event lo.g gets filled up with connections from my router.

My router is stealthing all ports according to grc shields up

I don’t know to be honest. The ISP is Virgin and I’m not sure what they do between the LAN and the internet. I haven’t installed anything onto the PC (other than Comodo) and have switched off the Windows firewall. I don’t have a router.

Not sure what you mean by “all your finds mean nothing if you are”? What exactly are the pings that the Comodo firewall is picking up?

Well post a screen shot of your logs. What kind of modem do you have? Are you sure your modem doesnt have a built in hardware firewall like my 2Wire does?

The modem is a Scientific Atlanta EPC2100 Cable Modem. No idea if this has a built in hardware firewall (this is the first I’ve heard of hardware firewalls to be honest).

Assuming it doesn’t, would you be able to answer the original two questions above?

  1. My ports appear to be stealthed on ShieldsUp. Does putting an IP in “My Blocked Network Zone” change this (ie Would this IP receive a closed response instead of no response)?

  2. Can people on the same network as me see whether I’m online (ie by pinging me if they know my IP)?

I’d rather not post any screenshots but basically there are a lot of pings from people with the same ISP, which the firewall is blocking and logging.

There is nothing wrong with posting your screen shot. Just scribble out your IP. Nobody should know your IP address.

Search here to find out if you have a hardware firewall built in.

Also if you type into your address bar that should bring up your modem settings.

i have my router stealthing all ports and i have the “block all incoming connections” rule (3rd stealthing option in cfp). you can disable global logging to stop all the event viewer entries. it is most likely router chatter.