Stealth Ports Wizard

To start off, I’m not very knowledgeable on routers or wi-fi connections.

When home, I plug my laptop into my LAN cable for Internet connections. I have run the Stealth Ports Wizard in CIS. When I visit ShieldsUP! to check my ports, all ports are stealthed.

When I’m in a hotel using their wi-fi, I choose that I’m at a hotel or restaurant (at the CIS prompt for private networks). When I visit ShieldsUP! and run the test, only one port is stealthed (139 - NetBios Session Service) and most are closed. The following are open:

22 - SSH Remote Login Protocol
23 - Telnet
80 - World Wide Web HTTP Protocol

Am I protected? Are these just open ports on the hotel’s router/wi-fi? If so, is there a way to check my laptop’s IP address to see if the ports are stealthed?

I’m Curious.

When you are running the shieldsup test at a hotel or such it will test it against their router, and if you’re behind a router in your home network then it will also be testing the router in that case as well. In order to test your computer you must bypass the router by either a) plugging directly into the modem and getting a public IP address and then testing with that address, b) Setting up port forwarding in the router for the ports you want to test, c) Setting up your computer in the DMZ zone in the router… I don’t know if there might be any more ways but point is that you can’t do either of these methods in a hotel or such since you most likely don’t have physical access to the modem/router and don’t have the ability to log into the router remotely.

Thanks, Sanya. I sort of figured that it was testing the router. Can I assume that I’m still protected? I’ve checked my FW logs and everything incoming has been blocked, so far.

Well I don’t know what your global rules are so I can’t say but if you’ve got it set up to block inbound traffic or otherwise alert then that shouldn’t be a problem.

My global rules are default for Custom Ruleset.

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