Stealth Ports Wizard

I click on stealth ports wizard and move the tick to"Block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth to everyone." Click finish/a success message appears. Click OK I go back to stealth ports wizard and the tick is back at the top. How do you check to make sure this was a success? Thanks

Your Global firewall rules should look like these.


[attachment deleted by admin]

I added the log so it looks like yours. I do the wizard and it takes the log event tick off again. Are you saying this log makes all ports in a stealth mode? Thanks

It does.

Eric. Thanks, I ran Shields Up and all ports were closed but none were in stealth mode. Do you have another site that does this test or maybe there is some setting I have wrong. Thanks for your help.

Are you using a router? When that is the case Shields Up, or any site, will test your router and your firewall.

Hi Eric, Only a standard modem with DSL.

Hi, Any suggestions? Thanks ???

Thanks for the follow up guys.

Most DSL modems have an build in router. What is the name and version of your DSL modem?