Stealth Ports Wizard [resolved]

Hello !!!

Upon accessing the “Stealth Ports Wizard”, I chose method #3… Block all incoming, and Stealth ports to everyone… Upon closing and then going back a bit later… (Like about 5 minutes)… the Wizard had method #1 marked … I re-checked #3, closed and immediately went back and found #1 marked again… WHAT in the world am I doing or NOT doing ??? Please help me out here…

Many thanks !!!

Don’t worry… it is already stealthed! Whenever you open stealth ports wizard it automatically opens that way… I don’t know whether it is a bug and many users have been requesting to show the status somewhere in the GUI, which is yet not met.

Any way… you can rest assured that if you have selected 3 and applied … you are stealthed… the proof would be … if you check CIS summary screen you will now see a surge in the number of ‘intrusion attemps’.


the block all on stealth port wizard will make these 4 rules on
CIS/Firewall/Advanced/network security policy/global rules
(screenshot attached).
if you have those 4 rules, then you’ve done it :slight_smile:

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Sorry ganda… I forgot to mention that.

Thanks alot for the info there Layman & Sgt Ganda !!! Really appreciate it … 8)


ok. locked. 8)
i’m so good even i don’t believe it 8)