Stealth Ports Wizard refusing to take setting changes

In the stealth ports wizard I tick the radio button for ‘Block all incoming connections Stealth my ports to everyone.’
I click ‘Finish’ and receive a message that “Firewall has been configured accordingly” but when I again open stealth wizard to check my settings, the first radio button is the one that’s ticked. (The one for ‘Define New Trusted Network’)

Ok… so what am I doing wrong?

I believe that is its default position, my friend. It always goes back to that spot.

Double check by going to Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy > Global Rules …it should be alright.

Your not doing anything wrong. Look at your global rules. When ever you run the stealth port wizard the first tick is the top one. Doesn’t mean your settings didn’t go in cause if you look at global rules they are there.

Yes, you’re right. Thank you both on your fast answers.