Stealth Ports Wizard - many events since selecting

Hi :slight_smile:

I’ve just installed Comodo Firewall, and set the stealth ports wizard to ‘block all connections, stealth my ports to everyone’ … I did this although i had tested the firewall on various sites and saw my ports were stealthed.

Now, after I made the ‘block all connections, stealth my ports to everyone’ selection I am getting a lot more ‘intrusion attempts’ as “Windows Operating System” Protocol UDP Port 137 or 138.

Also since making that selection in the stealth ports wizard, uTorrent is blocked a lot more too.

I take it I am just blocking myself ? is that correct ?

Can I undo the selection I made in the stealth ports wizard ?

The "intrusions’ on UDP 137 and 138 you see are NETBIOS traffic and are most likely from your router. But I need some more information to be sure of course.

Can you tell us on what type of connection you are and whether you have a router in your network? Can you show us a screenshot of the firewall logs?