Stealth Port

the following ports are shown open when i did online leak test
Port number Description Keyword
21/TCP File Transfer [Control] ftp
23/TCP Telnet telnet
80/TCP World Wide Web HTTP HTTP
please tell me how can i make them stealth or configure it . :110: :rocks:

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CIS → firewall → Stealth wizard → Block all incoming… and make my ports stealth

Valentin N

still no luck !!! i just need to know why is my system using telnet port ??

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Deactivate the telnet service in administation tools

Do you have a router?

yes i have a router SAM300 AX frm sterlite

Unless you connect the PC, with the firewall, directly to the Internet, bypassing the router, any test you perform will be testing the router ports, not those of the PC and thus the firewall.

AS i have written to you through PM

This might help

go to start–> run → services.msc

I hope this will help a step forward solving your issue.

if you know the ip address of your router type that in your browser.

Valentin N

Thanks Valentin and Radaghast :rocks: :110: :viva: :SML: :love:

                                              Y'ALL THE BEST !!!!!!