Stealth port wizard

Hello all

I have severals doubts: I’ve configurate the stealth wizzard with the first option , and I’ve chosen as a safe network the net “home” , automatically I have a lot of new global rules running in my security network police.

*Now Is my PC more safe than before?

*When a global rule is defined the rules in the aplication rules have preferency to block the globals rules?

*When you define a safe network it means that the aplications rules keep the working?

*Or maybe is better to be visible and don’t put any network as safe.

Finally maybe is better left this option in default?

Than you and sorry for my english

Do you really have a trusted network? Do you want all of the computers on your LAN to be able to talk freely to each other? Anytime you trust computers, you are less safe than when you don’t. But sharing and other joint functions become difficult or impossible otherwise. I have 3 computers, but they are not on a trusted network-they independently connect to the internet via a wireless router, and are treated just like they belonged to the neighbor down the street. What is your configuration? If you don’t need to share, use option 2 or 3 under stealth port wizard, depending on your need to interact.

When sded asks what is your configuration he sort of hits my pet peeve on the stealth port wizard.
Because it lets you set new configurations without showing what your existing configuration is. Or am I missing something?

But sded does raise a valid concern for many networks. Who to trust and who not to, but in my small
husband and wife lan, I don’t have to worry about every Tom, Dick, and Harry wandering in and playing with my computers while I am out to lunch or in a meeting.

And if there was a way, I would just like the host computer to seamlessly pass through internet traffic
to and from my client computer. And then I would have the equivalent of two stand alone computers and could let the firewalls and other security set up on each computer worry about keeping them secure.

So osage you have a “small husband” and a “wife” called"Ian"!! lovely!!

Nice 1 Matty :-*

For outgoing connection attempt block rule in application rules will block specific program even if there is appropriate global rule to allow such request.

Application rules always work.