"Stealth Port Wizard" - what is it and how to configure?


I dont understand the functionality and purpose of “Stealth Port Wizard”, could someone please explain it to me!
There are tree options, which one to choose and what is the effect of choosing each of them?

CIS has a pretty useful help file. You can access it from pretty much any window.

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in the third option “Block all incoming connections - stealth my ports to everyone” it is written

The average home user (using a single computer that is not part of a home LAN) will find this option the most convenient and secure.

How to understand “using a single computer that is not part of a home LAN”? What is home LAN? I am using LAN connection, so far it is only one PC but I plan to install router and so both PC and laptop can connect to Internet (I would like this to be LAN and/or Wireless… will switch between them).

So is in my case apprppriate to use “Block all incoming connections - stealth my ports to everyone” option?

In my opinion the best thing to do is to let CIS detect your network at installation and leave it alone. The stealth ports wizard ,in my opinion,is unnecessary and I have never used it. I am behind a router with one other computer connected to it and everything works fine. Even the ports I have forwarded in the router get forwarded through CIS with no need to create rules for them. Maybe a single computer with no router being used would have a need for the wizard but I think a home network of 2 or more computers does not.

other opinions?

Why not? When you set up your LAN you can always change your configuration.

Note that stealthing your ports is likely irrelevant when you are connecting through a router because the internet traffic will be filtered by the router due to the way NAT works. With NAT, only traffic specifically addressed to your computer will make it through your router. In fact, you can run port scan tests like ShieldsUP! at GRC.com and it will show your ports as stealthed even without a firewall.

Also note that while NAT does help with system security, it isn’t really a security measure. It’s easy to get through if someone knows your IP address. This is why a firewall is still necessary to keep unwanted traffic out even if it is specifically addressed to your machine.

ok, from what HeffeD wrote I can use “Block all incoming connections - stealth my ports to everyone” option as a additional securitiy to the router, right?
Also, I think as for the laptop who will not only be at home but also outside it makes sense to set Comodo to “Block all incoming connections - stealth my ports to everyone” … so this increases his protection when it conncets wireless internet outside of my home network, am I right?

Yes on both counts.

I would definitely agree with that if you are going to be connecting to different networks in different locations.