Stealth port 113

Could anyone tell me how stealth port 113?
Thanks, John

I used my hardware firewall (router) to forward the port to an IP out of my routers range. (:WIN)

I have a D-link 524 router, but I don’t know how to do that. I thought I could just change a setting in Comodo Pro. Don’t know how to do that either.
Thanks, John

On my D-link 624 I go to Advanced tab>Virtual Servers:
Name = Ident 113
Private IP = <anything outside your routers range, something like>
Private Port = 113
Public Port = 113
Click Apply.

Not sure if the 524 is similar.

I did the steps that you gave to me. When I clicked on apply, a message said the fourth range of ip address must be between 1 & 254. I closed all and ran shields up . Report said 113 is closed and not stealth. Don’t know what do do now. GRC said I could change this with my firewall. Any ideas?
Thanks, John

My example ment to say 250 not 350. Make the last digit 253.

(:CLP) That did it!!! Now I’m in full stealth mode. I still failed the test as they were able to ping me. Don’t know who to ask about that one.
Thanks, John

Sorry, I’m lost when it comes to pings. :slight_smile:

I have heard it’s really called ICMP echo requests that can be blocked with firewall settings. Surely a firewall as good as Comodo can be configured to do this. Any Ideas?
Thanks, John