stealth mode query re; connections [RESOLVED]

Having just upgraded to version 3 , I am now keen to try " stealth mode" so that like many I can increase my protection.
I have read the help files and as a single desktop user using a modem - the 3rd option - ‘stealth my ports to everyone’ sounds just right. - probably a simple question , but if it says ’ block all ’ how can I still send and receive if all my ‘ports’ are blocked - how for example does my antivirus update know it’s updated if it;s either ‘blocked’ or doesn’t know it’s download was succesful as it doesn’t receive a reponse.

Also if I then do have trouble using the internet , if I do a ‘system restore point’ will the firewall revert back to it’s original settings.

On a slightly different note I have had no “firewall events” - it was on low , but having read a previous topic on the subject i moved it to high - am I just lucky that there’s nothing to report.?

Running the stealth port wizard and selecting the “block all incoming connections” is self explanatory. You av is going out and so are most of your programs cause they have permission that you gave them to go out on a port and do its job. Block all incoming means that Comodo is blocking any inbound traffic from trying to enter. Most of the time my logs are empty and thats fine. I am behind a modem with a hardware firewall so I dont get any logs except some Windows stuff which I have controlled. Most of you logs if you get any will be outbounds not inbounds. If you want to see and check that Comodo is blocking any inbound attempt simply go here. Hope this helps.

brill… I did a check before and only about 3 were stealthed … Then used the stealth wizard for the 3rd option … did a test as you suggested and… bingo… passed … what can I say… [ I was just concerned that my internet connection may be effected by being blocked ] :BNC

Thread Resolved & Closed.