stealth mode necessary?

I’m a home user connecting to the internet through a modem. should I use the stealth mode? If so, which option should I choose?

Hello derekbutch,

If you are connected through only a modem (i.e. no router) and you don`t use stuff like p2p it is best to go for the “Block all incoming connections, stealth my ports to everyone” option, this will create a Block and log IP /any/any/any entry as the bottom rule in Global rules.

Just check the box and click Finish and you should get the message “Your firewall has been configured accordingly”
Be aware though that everytime you open the “Stealth Ports Wizard” the top box is checked.


thanks matt. Will it still work if my modem is also a router and that i have another computer at home that is using the same internet provider (though that computer is connected through another router, not directly to the modem/router like I am).