stealth: IDENT port 113 and WEB port 80

How do I stealth IDENT on port 113 and WEB on port 80?

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Hi, are you by chance using a router or adsl modem/router? If so pls check your configuration settings in the router.

Yeah. With my router I got an ident port 113 as well. But it is no problem since the router is scanned and not the firewall. You cannot solve this on the software side.

I just did this yesterday. You need to program your router.

If you create an entry in the forwarding table to route any port 113 requests to a nonexistant IP, that will solve your problem.

I have a linksys router. It was easy as pie to do. See attachment.

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Nice post solo. I think your post & that document should be placed in an FAQ somewhere. If you agree?

If someone wants to post it in the FAQ section, I have no problem whatsoever with that. I think it might save some board space and moderator time replying to this question.