Staying free or upgrading

If this is the wrong thread to post this, I am very sorry, but I would like to ask the Comodo community a question. We all know a lot of people prefer the free security suite and not the paid one. I’m trying to decide whether or not I should keep the free one or go for Comodo complete. I have a little bit of money so I have been using the free version and I think we all should consider that if everyone decided to get the free version that Comodo would go out of business because they aren’t making any money, so I understand that. I also understand that if you don’t have money, you should go with the free version. But I’m wondering something. Do the people who upgrade get anything extra? I don’t really see the reason.

The program is the same, but with the paid version, you get extras:

Thanks for your response L.A.R. If I understand correctly, however, you can download all of those extras separately, so it still doesn’t make sense.

You get live expert virus removal and $500 dollar guarantee with the Complete version. I don’t think those are available separately.

Is the difference just that the complete set will let you pay for all the things at once, rather then just having to pay for each service separately?