Status Widget "Pending files..." but none shown

My Status Widget shows “18 unrecognized file(s) pending analysis” but when I click on it, there are no files shown in COMODO Advanced Settings “File List”.

How do I make the “18” go-away out of the Status widget?

FWIW I have “Enable Cloud Lookup” and “Analyze unknown file in the cloud by uploading them” turned OFF.

OK so this is a nasty bug which persists to and there’s no way as in the past to select a Purge option, but surely someone here must know how to clear the box, even if it means deleting what CIS knows about my files so I can start over?

It is disconcerting to see this “unrecognized files” count in the widget; it causes me to keep clicking on it to look to see what’s there, and it is of course completely blank…