Status of CIS

I would like to be alerted to the status of CIS via both the system tray icon and the graphic under system status. For example, when a module of CIS is disabled, this should be reflected via the system tray icon and within CIS itself. That said, WSC does alert if the firewall/antivirus is disabled.

I would also like to see the system tray icon changed to that of the logo within the GUI itself (circle with padlock). The circle colour could then change to the level of security (i.e red = all modules disabled, orange = 2 modules disabled, yellow = 1 module disabled, green = all modules enabled).


+1 :-TU

+1 :-TU Me to :wink:

I totally agree with the suggestion that the tray icon should clearly reflect when CIS modules are disabled (I’ve just discovered that I’ve been running with Antivirus disabled - I don’t know for how long!!! - with no warning from CIS whatsoever).

This change was suggested last October. Some users could be running CIS with no protection at all.

It seems to be such an obvious and important improvement that I can’t understand why it has not been implemented already. When (if ever) will such a change be made?

Yes,once I disabled Comodo AV to defragment my disk,and hours latter I happend to
open the GUI and saw I had forgotten to re enable it.
I still had Defense+ and Firewall of course.
Just a change in icon color when a component is disabled would be great.

Completely agree with changing colour when modules are off. However, I do like the shield shape for a firewall icon (and that shape is used by many firewalls). See the Sunbelt Kerio icon for an aesthetically appealing (my opinion) icon which is also very functional, as it has very clear green/red dots which appear/disappear to indicate traffic/direction.