Status and Release

I hope they are just tuning it to be prepared and launched along with CIS 6 beta.

Valkyrie is back again and working really well … Just did a test with 7 samples not detected by CAV all detected by AdvancedHeuristics or Staticdetection. Good job Valkyrie team.

For example

Detection ratio: 2 / 30

Nice to hear that…
Let’s hope CAV will make use of Valkyrie ASAP…

Cool! :smiley:

Great Valkyrie results!

Valk its down again :frowning:

Uploaded a file correctly, and in the Result page, there are no results (just the “loading” little icon is there moving).

Yes noticed that … Maybe working on it ? But no news yet …

Ok, now it works well … But I found something strange

look at this for example :

Final Result: Unknown
2 AdHeuristics engines say it is a malware ???

That’s quite long known bug.

Valkyrie is still doing awesome. I did a small test. I gathered 1935 verified pieces of malware from the last 3 days. Scanned with the cloud and cce and removed what it found. The cloud said 4 were safe and 1865 were malware. I uploaded the safe files to valkyrie and all were detected as malware. CCE found 10 additional malware. 56 pieces of malware were left over so i uploaded them to valkyrie, 4 were “no pe file”, 1 detected as safe (rogue), and 51 were detected as malware. So overall comodo had a detection rate of 1930/1935 = 99.74%. Great job to the valkyrie team, a lot of these files were really low detection rate

Great, thank you for your effort. Glad to see the results :-TU

no problem, i just love to see the power of valkyrie

Thank you for testing it

no problem, i hope to see valkyrie put to use sometime soon.

Can we, please, have an update info about Valkyrie development and current status?

I think it is more important than Battery Saver or Mobile Security… >:(

+1 we need info about it but maybe we’ll see it on the v6 BETA changelog :slight_smile:

I hope so, spy…I hope so… :-\

it seems like a lot of work has been going on. Verdicts are found a lot faster and the bug with overlapping data in the users account has been fixed so it seems like they are getting valkyrie ready for something.

Hi guys,

Today I decided to start Valkyrie test at least every week.

1st test : 8 malware file all “unknown

3:normal VT : 5/43
7:normal BUT VT : 1/43 first seen by VT 4 months ago ;D so I’m pretty sure it’s good.

So for this first test Valkyrie did really well by detecting 6 files on 8 but I’d rather say it detected 6 files on 7 as number 7 was safe.

Hey Spywar, thanx for the results.

Although it was a good score, 8 (7) unknown samples is pretty low.

Hopefully you’re able to have the time and sources to make bigger tests.
Ill keep watching your results, thanx for the initiative. :wink: