Status and Release


Im only making an honest and inoffensive question. :wink:

What is the status of Valkyrie (still beta) and when its going to be included in CIS/CCE?

no one knows. i have tried to PM Fanny (multiple times) to get a status update since valkyrie is always down but never get a response.

not sure wether valkrie is still alive or dead.

its still alive, we just dont get any communication from comodo about its development.

We’ll have some informations with v6 beta.

And from past few days its not working at all.

I asked egemen few weeks ago about that.

He said

“It is already in cloud backend and being integrated for faster repsonse. So it will hopefully be in all CIS versions once this is done.”

The site loads for me, but for some reason get “File error” a lot, or if manage to upload a file the spinner carries on spinning and nothing seems to happen :cry:

I really hope this is just a temporary glitch, and Valkyrie is back to working fully soon :slight_smile:

You guys that have seen Valkyrie in action, do you really think it works?
I mean, has it developed in a way that the automatic results are reliable?

back when it was up and working i tested it pretty often. first i would gather a pack of malware and remove everything the CAV detects and the cloud. then i would upload the unknown files to valkyrie. then i would calculate the overall detection rate (local sigs, cloud, valkyrie) and it always was 95% or greater so it is a great service. it greatly improves detection and imo would help greatly with false positives. i also tested with legit files that CAV would detect (FP) and valkyrie always said they were safe. There were only about 2 or 3 FPs from vaklyrie (over the many many months i tested) and they were virus removal tools so its to be expected.

Back when Fanny used to give us info on valkyrie she said they were working on greatly improving CIMA which would make valkyrie way stronger since CIMA is like a BB (dynamic detection)

We never did get to see these improvements so idk if other projects took priority (CMS) or they are still working on them.

Thank you wasgij6 for the info :-TU

Now valk website is “” ? :o

It’s working for me smoothly :slight_smile:
I get proper results within seconds :)*

  • at least for static detection. :P0l

Yes, for me too that’s good to see our Valkyrie back !

Its now working for me, seems really quick now too :slight_smile:

I tried Static, Dynamic and Advanced Heuristics, all working fine, no issues whats so ever on first file.

Got error on second file, during scanning it suddenly errored out with this:-

404 - File or directory not found.
The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

I’m not sure what happened with second file :-\

Ah, think I figured it out, second file was to large, limit is only 20Mb, was my error ;D

Glad you solved the problem

ty, is glad I figured it out ;D

I hope they can change the 404 page for a message telling you file was to large, maybe they will fix that soon :slight_smile:

Have tried again today and site works perfectly, is so fast to, can hardly believe it ;D

Good work to all the dev’s etc… who have worked on this awesome service, thankies :-TU

But only PE files can be analysed atm.

FVS is down atm, it uplauds correctly but doesn’t scan files.