stateful packet inspection

i am using pctools firewall plus. default settings of pctools firewall has everything checked except 2 things. stealth mode and stateful packet inspection. i know what stealth mode is so i enabled it. i dont know what stateful packet inspection is. should i enable it?? does enabling it will give more popups?? or any other prob it will create for an average users.

winxp sp3 genuine home edition with latest updates
pctools firewall plus
avira free
threatfire free
spyware blaster

this is a single home computer. internet through local service provider. no router/hardware firewall here. directly connected to net.

You should enable Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI). While this will introduce a tiny overhead (you probably won’t even notice) it raises the level of security.

For more info, please see;

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thanxx replying. enabled SPI