Stateful mode, antivirus log and settings, ...

Hello, here’s my wishlist for next updates or the next version of CIS.

  1. Allow the user to choose himself between a scan in “classical mode” and a scan in “stateful mode” : some users don’t like to be forced to use “stateful” scan and will prefer a “classical” scan even if it’s longer.

  2. The current antivirus log only contained detection events. It will be better to have a complete antivirus log with all the events : date and status of the scans (successful, aborted, failed, …), names of the scanned files or folders, dates of the antivirus update, …

  3. Distinctly display the date of the last successful computer scan in the ‘Summary’ of the GUI with a warning if the last successful computer scan is older than xxx days (xxx decided by the user in the antivirus settings).

  4. Much more abilities settings in the antivirus section as many of others antivirus softwares.

Thank you for this great program …

I’m curious about the reasoning behind this. Any particular reason you don’t want to run a stateful scan?

I just prefer to have the choice between the two modes :slight_smile:

There is a choice already. “On Access” (aka classical) or “Stateful” (the new way). It’s under Antivirus>scanner settings, Summary>virus defense, or right click the icon by the clock and it’s under “antivirus security level”

Such as…?

Well, not really. The setting applies to the real time scanning, but apparently you have no choice for on demand or scheduled scans. It does stateful by default.

I’d still like to hear the reasoning of why you don’t like the stateful setting…

Unless you do a scan more then once a day it should not matter, as it scans all files again after each update.