Stateful AV + Built-in Defragmenter = ?

LA is brainstorming again. :-La 8)

With reference to CIS 3.9 beta - featuring stateful AV - and Comodo developing a defragmenter, I just got the crazy idea of combining them. In essence, CIS/CAV would also be a defragmenter/monitor and take care of those things when the PC is idle. There can also be other variables (like a scheduler or some kind of limiter) so the defragmenter won’t hammer the HDD as soon as the PC happens to be idle.

Please note, I don’t know the exact technique either behind stateful AV or defragmenting, so I don’t know whether this would make sense to combine, at all.

Interesting as an option in CIS/CAV or just bloat? I’m thinking both…

I think the stateful scanner is just simply a scanner that only scans files ONCE unless they have been altered, this is to save time (+possible to be more gentle on the HD as well)!

I’m thinking mostly bloat… Can we assume that those interested in a security suite is interested in a new defragger as well? :o

I for one hate when I download lets say a image editing software and I end up with that + its move editing software (or whatever I could end up with that I won’t use)… :slight_smile:

I don’t see this belonging in CIS…
Maby in CSC… =)


I’m leaning towards “bloat” as well. :wink:

The CIS 3.9 beta installer is enormous already. :o

Yes, lets keep CIS a security oriented product.

How about a built in spell-checker in CIS ? ;D CIS would correct mistakes in the documents while scanning LOL :wink: :smiley:

no to spell checker

ROTF… that is incredibly funny ;D

I think mixing defragmenter with CIS is mixing two unrelated fields and would needlessly ■■■■ up the installer as well. It could be added to Comodo System Cleaner though.

It is very unlike me to suggest such bloat. However, I also like integration… but in the end I probably prefer running JkDefrag (or Comodo Defragmenter some day? :)) once in a while.

It would be interesting if we could get CSC and CIS to integrate. Not to make one installer, but if you install CIS then install CSC, they could both work together, and do what LA suggested.

If you don’t install CSC, then CIS would work as it does now.


The two are unrelated to each other, Jeremy. Combining them would IMO be a mistake. Leave security with security, and system maintenance with maintenance.

I’m not talking about totally combining them…just if you set CSC to “automatically defragment” CIS will monitor along with it.