State of Decay 2 - Boot Issues

Just bought State of Decay 2 on Steam. Whenever I run the game it runs about three seconds and ends. Been fighting this for two days now. One of the suggested steps is to make sure the firewall isn’t interfering, so I added rules in the Comodo Firewall for HIPS and Auto-containment to ignore StateofDecay2.exe Still had the same CTD issue.

I disabled Auto-containment and the game starts right away. The auto-containment rule is active, the “Enable auto-containment” box is checked. So why do I need to disable auto-containment to get the darned thing to run?


Because a different process is being auto-contained, if you look in the containment logs you will see it and you can check the file list for any unrecognized rated applications. Then you change the file rating to trusted and if the game is digitally signed you can add it to the vendor list with a trusted rating.

Edit: You may need to create a wider scope for the auto-containment ignore rule, so instead of just the game executable you would need to use the folder as the target for the ignore rule.

Excellent advice, thank you.

For anyone else in the same situation, both:



require to be added to the exception list. Adjust your pathnames to fit your own set-up, of course.