Startup slowdown {SOLVED after update}

Since installing Comodo Firewall I have been very happy with the way it works, but, I have noticed that for the first minute or so the computers’ CPU is under high useage and task manager shows that it is cmdagent.exe.
This causes my antivirus (avast) to scan also with the resident scanner causing the useage to increase.
Just wondering what is the firewall doing at this point as I’ve never known a firewall do this?

All answers appreciated thank you,


Hello Mike,

If the number of internet connecting applications is high or there are applications such as skype which try to connect heavily during the startup, they may force the service to work intensely.
You can always play with Security->Advanced->Secure the host while booting option to see how CPF will behave.
In either case, this intense period should not be more than a couple of seconds (there is nothing to worry about). You can also try to observe which application or applications is/are causing this intense work by playing with your automatic startup applications.


Thank you for the reply I shall try what you said and change some things. I already know anyway some of the startup things I don’t need, so I will remove them as well as play with Comodo’s settings a little.

Thanks again, :slight_smile:


I’m hoping someone with better tech. knowledge can help. Since upgrading to 2.0, I’m also having problems. Cmdagent runs almost continuously and, at times, slows my cmpt. down substantially. I’ve modified comodo so that it doesn’t verify at bootup, but I’m unsure as to what other features I should shut down in order to get some speed back. Should I shut down the component monitor? Or does anyone have a better suggestion (more likely)?
with thanks

Hi Dan,
It would be more helpful if you can tell us about the operations that are slowed down.
Can you provide some statistics about the CPU usage, Memory and OS of your system? Does CPF slow down internet connection speed? General Windows operations? Or booting?

You can help us by finding the bottleneck with playing the following options :

1- Go to Security->Advanced->Application Behavior Analysis,
2- Try disabling some of the options : Such as “Monitor Window Messages”, “Monitor Parent Applicatios”, “Monitor DNS Queries”.

Please let us know.

Thanks for your help. Its a dell notebook. Celeron 2.2 224mb ram. xp (home edition). Speed Rating 3975 at pcpitstop.

Most of my problems occur while surfing or when the cmpt. has been sitting for 3 or 4 minutes. I didn’t have any troubles until I upgraded to 2.0. I’ve shut off all the App. Behaviour Analysis but that doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference. Thanks.

Did you turn the option on to monitor trojan protocols. This can also slow down the computer it did mine a bit.

I found turning application behaviour analysis off also helped. When looking at task manager I noticed that cmdagent.exe is running at 12% for about a minute or two after the computer has loaded.

I also noticed that my internet is slower and sometimes when typing an address into internet explorer it freezes for a while.

Don’t get me wrong a like Comodo a lot but I really think these problems are annoying.

The specs. for me are: XP SP2, 512 MB Ram, CPU useage is usually 4-12% of normal use when idle it used to be 0-4%, Memory useage is 263 MB.

Well just updated to the new version and all my problems have gone ;D