Startup question

Hello all,
How do I prevent Comodo’s Firewall from loading at Windows startup? I haven’t found an option for that.
After I installed this program, I haven’t been able to see the other computer in my workgroup. I can send documents to the printer though. The other computer can see this one but cannot access any of the shared folders or print to the printer on this computer.
The problem may have existed shortly before I installed Comodo Firewall but I just want to see if the firewall is the problem without having to uninstall it.


Hi and welcome to the forum.
You could try >right click cpf taskbar icon>adjust sec. setting>allow all. Of course cpf will still load at start up but shouldn’t be blocking anything.Hope this helps.

Have you set up a trusted zone in CF on both computers?

If the problem occurred before, or after, doesn’t matter, you should get it to work.
Have you right click your shared folder, choose properties, and allowed others to see and change your files in there?
If it doesn’t work, you should run the wizard in Windows again to set up a network.
Do exactly the same on both PC’s.

Thank you both for the response. I had one of the network rules, IP In/Out, blocked. As soon as I allowed that, the problem was solved.


If you mean the default block rule at the bottom of the list in network monitor, it must be blocked! That’s your safety!

If it was that one you have set to allow, you should set it to block again.
Then you should go to security/tasks and run the wizard “define a new trusted network”, and then you should not have any problems with your network.

Thank you so much!