startup problem

So when I boot up the computer (XPProSP2, dell latitude d620), the icon comes up just fine, but apparently nothing is actually working because windows tells me the firewall is off, and when I open comodo it agrees and says everything is off. If I try to turn the services on then it won’t let me. I have to manually exit the program, run it from the start menu, and magically everything is ok. I have the startup registry key in msconfig (cfp.exe /background), so do I have to do an uninstall/reinstall? I don’t want to have to set up all my trusted apps, zones and behaviors again so hopefully there is a better fix.

Hi, welcome!

You’ve probably encountered this problem: the firewall GUI loads slow. It may take a minute or two after starting up your system, until it tells you that it is enabled. This is however just a visual thing, the actual firewall starts with the system before you even see your desktop.


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it isn’t just a gui problem - three pop-up alerts from the comodo app appear in the lower right portion of the screen about a minute after startup to say that the app monitor, component monitor and the network monitor are inactive, and that reinstalling comodo may fix the problem. Five minutes after startup, windows security alerts also continue, stating that the firewall is inactive; furthermore the comodo systray gui continues to say that my protection is bad (as all forms of security monitoring are inactive). So do I need a reinstall? Will it remember my custom settings, or will I have to start from square one? Thanks again.

Sorry that the problem remains. You can try to reinstall, there is always a chance that it’ll work better then. As for backing up settings, I’ve never done it myself - neither have I gone through the suggested method to do so. Let’s hope for someone else to help you out here, unless you manage to easily reinstall the firewall and keep your settings.


Thanks for the link. I’ll try it and a reinstall unless a fix comes to my attention within a day or so.

When/if you go for the reinstall, I suggest taking every step in SafeMode. This will minimize the chance of conflicts (which probably caused the problem you are experiencing).

Thus, in SafeMode you would:
Run a registry cleaner (such as ccleaner or regseeker)

With reboots in between each one.

Regarding the export/import of rules… If you don’t want to run the batch file posted in that link, you can manually export the registry settings. As per the text of the file, the rgistry key is this one: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Personal Firewall

Open Regedit and navigate to that key. Right-click and select Export. Save it to desktop or somewhere easy to find.

After reinstalling CFP, but before rebooting (registry changes are not yet active), double-click that saved file to cause it to Import back into the registry. Then reboot normally.