Startup problem on Win 7

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
Comodo Firewall 3.12.

Comodo Firewall doesn’t start with windows when UAC is set to highest (Level 3, Win7 standard is Level 2). No startup problem when UAC is disabled.

Are you using Defense +? If so then you can disable UAC.

Thank you for your reply. I’m just using the firewall part.

What part of CIS do not start? Normally you would see cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe running. Make sure both files are run as admin.

Forgive me, I see this quite often.

What is the misunderstanding with UAC?

If you are the sole user of your system, please disable it.

If, on the other hand, you share your computer with someone else, and you have Admin access and they don’t, leave UAC enabled to control access to software on your system.

UAC is User Access Control. It controls who can run what.

If there is a utility (for example) that you run but don’t wish someone else to run (for fear of the damages it may cause if improperly used), set the program properties to run as Admin. UAC will prevent anyone without Admin access from running this software.

I got little samekind problem, it runned good while. but now it refuses startup…
I only see CTF.exe running and not other, tryed couple times reinstall and clear all of it on registry and folders. all started when changed ctf.exe run as admin, and when tryed reinstall it as admin. anyway need get back with problem again after work…

havent got any vista before so all UAC and vista features are unfamiliar… :confused:

would be great if someone updated me ^^ how I should setup all firewalls when running comodo windows 7, witch is better keep running UAC or defence, disable windows own firewall (so wont come conflicts?), Ive used xp to this point :S heh got rusty, when xp it worked great years :confused:

thanks advance!

ok seems if you change even one file to be run as admin you need change them all… theres been so many opinions witch is fine with w7 as decent security, seems I need find myself whats best with W7, thinked while if get new norton when it aint costing as much Eset but shall see…

John, your reply shows a complete lack of understanding of what UAC was designed for. Please read up on it. CIS not starting up with UAC enabled is clearly a bug. Also, it doesn’t start up with UAC set to Win7 default level. Everything was fine with version 3.11 as far as I remember, but I’m not 100% sure now.

I’m not posting here to get advice, that’s what the help forums are for. I’m a computer technician and I’m reporting a bug. Thanks for looking into it, Comodo.