startup monitoring program

i found it quite handy to have “someone” monitoring which program wants to be started with windows -got fed up with quicktime listing itself in the autostart after every update

i think this complies with the security/trust criteria

This certainly complies with security as an (undetected) Trojan / spware etc may try to install itself and add to the startup list - which I’m sure you will want to be notified about. It is also useful for the reason you stated.

Do you think this should be a seperate program or implement into the anti spyware (yet to be released), the firewall etc?


at the moment i use a seperate program, but i think it would be good as part of an anti trojan/spyware program as that program has to monitor the startup anyway…

but i wouldn’t mind installing a seperate program
guess it should be quite easy to program it (compared to antivirus or antispy), so it could be released as “standalone” earlier than the anti spyware program and later be integrated in it

when i found the comodo firewall at first i hesitated to install it because i couldn’t find any tests with it and i didn’t know if i can rely on it.
and as changing Antivirus, firewall and antispy is a thing that needs some consideration
it wouldn’t harm to have a product that covers a “less sensitive” area and thus some trust can be earned and later on the inhibitions of changing AV,… can be overcome more easily

so this would be a kind of appetizer for new comodo-users :wink:

I had mentioned to add a startup organizer like the one of metaproducts that has this fuction under the system optimizer,129.msg1059.html#msg1059

Hopefully this will all becovered in Comodos HIPS (host intruder protection system) when its released.

ewen :slight_smile: