Startup Items

In Start, Run, Msconfig, Selective, Start, there are 2 entries for “cfp”. Why are there 2? How can I get rid of the second one?

Thank you

One of them is of a previous installation of Comodo. Tell us the paths that are shown. In what folder is your current Comodo installation installed?

In Startup, they are both in C:\Program Files\Co and the Location is HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Ver.

I should mention that I did a System Recovery on April 6th and I reinstalled Comodo because the icon was not present in the tray. I just did Start>Search and it showed Date modified for April 6th, Folder C:\Program Files\COMODO\ and under Type, it says “Microsoft Office Outlook Configuration file”.

The Search Results prior to this date are all in C:\Documents and Settings\ and the Type are all “File Folder”.

Thank you for helping me resolve this issue.


If I remember correctly this problem of 2 start-up entries for cfp.exe -h cropped up about a year ago after some updates.

The solution was simple, just disable one on start-up.

One will be labelled ‘Comodo Firewall Pro’ and the other ‘Comodo Internet Security’.
As they both call the same file I assume either can be disabled.
Having them both called on start-up caused a lot of problems as I remember.