Startup Error related to ini file

CPF Version:
Firewall Security Level: Train with Safe Mode
Defense+ Security Level: Train with Safe Mode

OS: Windows XP Pro with SP2 (Updated to the latest Patches)

System memory: 3 GB


CPF is not starting automatically anymore as Windows Start, instead it is displaying error messages as follows. As “OK” is pressed in the First Error Message Window, the Second Error Message window appears. As the OK is pressed in the second Error Message Window, Comodo displays a Message that "You have Found A bug and opens up another window to send that Bug Report automatically.

I have start CPF manually from Start> All Programs> Comodo.

NOTE: Even though CPF is not starting automatically and displaying error messages as above, Windows Security Center is not informing that there is no Firewall running. The windows Firewall has been disabled from the very beginning as I installed CPF.

Background of the Problem:

Due to some problem (I am not sure why, but not related to CPF) I received an Error Message that Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. Hitting the "OK’ button froze the running application Firefox Browser) including the desktop. After waiting considerable time, I launched Task Manager using CTRL+ALT+DEL and killed the application DrWatson and the application and the Desktop were back to life (I learned this from experience) . But as I restarted the PC after sometime, CPF started to give this trouble. Please note that similar situation arose while I was using the version 2 of CPF, but CPF never created anyproblem liek this.

Steps I have taken:

I have sent the bug report twice. Tis problem started with version 3. I never had this problem with the previous series 2 version. I have tested the beta release of the present version, and this problem was not faced. But the stable version before the last beta, had this problem.

I have also ran Diagnostic Utility available in the Miscellaneous section. But that did not point out to any discrepancies about my present installation.

I can uninstall and then reinstall CPF as that will fix it. But it can occur again as it has occurred once. I have seen that with the last but latest stable version. Furthermore, I have to reconfigure the FW again for all the applications again. (:SAD)

Sorry, forgot to mention-

Other Real Time Security Programs running during Installation and Operation

  • NOD32 AV
  • WinPatrol
  • Spybot Search&Destroy Teatimer

TeaTimer was Disabled during installation (As far as I can remember :wink: )

Is there any permanent solution?

Please help.

Thank you.