Startup bug/2.4, security centre warning/XP home

Upgraded to 2.4 yesterday (from 2.3.618), no problems updating, took less than two minutes, seems to work well except for a few seconds, up to 20 after start or restart the windows security centre red shield pops up with the associated balloon indicating Comodo firewall is turned off. The firewall is configured to block outbound while starting, so it’s a kind of “false alarm”, but irritating. Previous version did not do this.
I see at Wilders Comodo Pro taking longer to activate during start up | Wilders Security Forums I’m not the only one.

I have the same problem with XP Pro;
but when I do a log off log on it is immediatly OK.
I had that in a previuos version also and afther a SW upgrade it was OK

Which software upgrade made it OK?
Problem is, I’m all up to date AFAIK.


I had the same problems with the release of 2.3 and then after an update (a few days after the release) the problem was gone

This has to do with the load order and load time for components of the firewall.

The drivers and service (the real guts of the firewall) start at boot. By default they block all incoming connections until everything is fully loaded. If you check the appropriate box in Security/Advnced/Adv.Attack Det/Misc, it will also block all outgoing connections during boot.

The reason that you get the warning from Windows Security Center, is because it is only monitoring the user interface (GUI) for the application (ie, the firewall application window you get from the systray icon). That aspect of the firewall componentry is the last to load.

This will (apparently) be especially true if you have other security software (antivirus, HIPS, etc) that were installed prior to the FW; they will load before that aspect of the FW interface. You can take those items out of the Startup list, reboot, and then move them back in; use a startup monitoring software to change the load order; uninstall and reinstall other software, to put them following the FW. These will help move the FW GUI up in load order, and get that initialized more quickly.

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PS: Yes, this seems more pronounced with v 2.4 than with v 2.3

That helps! I’ll try it. Thanks muchly.

No problem; hope it helps!


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Thanks a lot for your feedback…

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