Startup alert

I get this Comodo Firewall (free version) pop-up alert everytime I start my PC. It’s blocking my home network. I have added the IP address to the safe connections in the firewall. I also allowed it and try to allowed it as Safe Application but still not doing the job.

Here it is:

Can someone help me to sort this error its blocking my other PC(no firewall) trying to print and view the shared folders. I can ping it, both ways.

Ok. 137-139 ports are used by Microsoft for Folder/File and Printer sharing.
It’s so called NetBios protocol (it’s not quite right, but let me tell in this way)
So, if you block ports 137-139 (for System application) - you will not be able to look at Shared Files and Printers on your computer

"What are NetBIOS Ports?

NetBIOS ports (TCP and UDP Ports: 135, 137-139, and 445) are required for certain Windows network functions such as file sharing. But these ports also provide information about your computer which can be exploited by attackers, and also contain vulnerabilities which are widely used to break into systems and exploit them in various ways. Because they are used for file sharing, these ports can be used to get to data on your computer by unauthorized individuals."

I know that but how to I make them accessible. I have added it to the safe list still no joy.

Did “Remember my answer” help you?
And lets get some clearity. What is your Firewall Mode? Have you any rules in App Rules for System or for this port (137)?

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I don’t have any app rules for system. My Firewall mode is safe mode.

Thanks for the welcome

heres the full log