Startup aborts

Win XP sp2

I have just installed Comodo V4 (fresh download. I can’t see the exact version)

When I rebooted, an error came up. "error while loading resources from c:\program files\comodo\comododo internet security\cfp.dll. Aborting application.

After that Procexp shows Comodo as running, but there is no icon on the taskbar as there was before.

Any help appreciated. Am I covered by Comodo at present?


I have seen other posts about this. they all seemed to say that locating and copying the cfp.dll file would fix it. I searched the entire C: drive and could not find cfp.dll.

I am currently back to 3.5.12 for safety’s sake

When I uninstalled the previous version, I did not reboot. It apparently comes in after the reboot and cleans up the files. So it deleted stuff. The strange thing is, it deleted different files when I tried next time, to test it! ???

EDIT: Oh yeah I do not know if this matters, but I also used the offline installer. I MUCH prefer to have tha available without net connection.

There should be cfp.dll in the repair folder of CIS.

When having problems with installing/uninstalling use this ürl°;msg259617#msg259617*clean up tool¨-url. When using it after uninstalling use it and rebooting.

Thanks for the reply. Appreciated.

cfp.dll and cfp.exe were both gone on my second, test, effort, when I again uninstalled V3.x and then installed V4 before rebooting. They were simply not in the comodo folder or its subfolders.

The obvious “fix” is of course to stop being lazy and reboot before installing the next version. But is there no way that say, V4 can uninstall V3.x automatically?

When I behaved myself, everything went smoothly.