starting with comodo!

Hello everyone! I would like to ask you these:

a. I have nod32 antivirus. Is it possible that I’ll have any problems installing the firewall?

b. Do I have to surf through the internet with explorer or to activate the license with explorer too using the comodo? Because I use Mozilla Firefox.

c. Is it FREE?

Thank you. (:NRD)

G’day guest,

In answer to your queries;

a) You should not have any problems with NOD32 and CFP (Comodo Firewall Pro).

b) If you download the latest release version, you do not have to activate the product after installation any more. This separate activation has been removed, due to numerous issues, and is much more streamlined. I’m not aware of any user having any activation issues with the latest release.

c) FREE as a bird! Although the name has changed from Comodo Personal Firewall to Comodo Firewall Pro, the product is still free, for life. There are no paid versions of CFP, what you download is the best they’ve got (and IMHO, the best - period!)

hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

As a side note, though, just for general purposes…

Before installing CFP (should you choose to do so), it is recommended to turn off AV and other security products, as they may interfere with the installation process of CFP.


I also have NOD32 installed and there was and is no problems with CPF.