Starting position of comodo fw

hi at all,

well, as I had already said, I’m really impressed by the new version. But there’s something that seems to be a problem. I installed cpf on a win xp pro sp 2 machine - no problem so far. But after booting it the cpf starts at the last position, many other tools are already started and established a connection to the internet. Well, Kerio, for instance, started earlier than every other application. Is it possible to do so as well?


I read in another topic about a program named StartRight that’s supposted to be able to do what you want, so you might give it a try!


StartRight is a great program, it will improve the way your programs starts up and you can move CFP up in the order of the list of programs that startup in StartRight and CFP will not load last anymore, you can increase the priority of CFP, i’ve not tried that, every programs startup priority i’ve left as the default normal mode.

one thing to read though so that you never worry about and you can find it on this post →
its just a bug/nusisance, CFP mistakingly thinks there is a problem with itself, its best to be aware of it so that you don’t mistakingly think CFP is broken and needs fixing

I’d also like to add that CFP (cfp.exe) is just the GUI, CFPs service (cmdagent.exe) and, more importantly, drivers load very high indeed. The GUI (cfp.exe) is really just for the slow wetware (us!) & where it loads in the systray is of no significance/importance. :slight_smile:

^ hmm probably true, not something I know alot on, the startup command line for CFP that I’m copying from StartRight is “C:\Programs\COMODO\Firewall\cfp.exe” -s

so looks like StartRight loads and startsup cfp.exe quicker at the kernel level than Windows does :stuck_out_tongue: hehe. only reason it does is because windows tries to load up everything! at once so it ends up taking longer.
(My bad disregard what I’ve said in red ;D )

A pity there is no helpfile or manual for Startright cause i am curious on the Run Priority options that extend beyond normal and I wonder what Idle ??? does LOL…

not that i’m gonna tinker or try any of that. I’m happy that all my stuff loads eachtime and everytime and happy it does it a bit quicker than windows is able to do it