Starting Fresh Securely

Hello Comodo forums.

I’ll start by admitting that in the last 3 years being a new father, my technical prowess has fallen… greatly.

My old computer is shot, and I’ve just built a new one completely from scratch. While understanding the insides of a computer, I can’t get my head around all of this software, and networking makes me a little crazy.

That being said. I’m extremely paranoid about keeping my brand new PC air-tight!

Starting with a completely fresh install of windows, and no Connection going to the computer yet. I would greatly appreciate some help on the steps I should take to go about fortifying my PC before I stick an ethernet cable in.

I’ve already downloaded the newest Comodo Firewall, but what are some other very important steps to completely securing a brand new computer?

Software I should use? Settings I should configure (for Comodo firewall, or other)?

I’ve installed Windows XP Professional by the way.

Any help provided would be greatly appreciated. I’m eager to start working/surfing while I can rest easy knowing i’ve done my best to secure my PC.

first thing i always do is change the configurating of cis to proactive. right click the tray icon click configuration then proactive security. i personally like to see whats happening with my computer so i switch off the sandbox and change defense + to paraniod mode. this will give pop ups for everything thats not in your computer security policy. so to help combat all the popups for my known safe applications i put defense + in training mode for a couple days. what this will do is make rules in defense + for everything you run. so just run all your software and make sure not to install anything that u dont know for sure is safe. once you think you have ran everything change defense + back to paranoid mode. so now u wont get popups for ur safe applications and with any other acitivity u will be alerted.

this is how i use cis and i dont ever get popups unless im installing something or i get behavior thats out of the ordinary.

there is also this configuration for novice users, that will keep your computer completely clean. it is a video by languy99 a moderator on these forums. it is also a good overview of how cis works and how to use it.

hope this helps and if something doesnt make sense let me know