Starting CFP Log Viewer Manually <- not able to sort by column

I made a shortcut to the cfplogvw.exe. But starting the Log Viewer that way one can’t do a sort by column. Clicking on a column does nothing. When starting the Log Viewer from the main program, sorting by a column=OK.
Does the shortcut require a parameter for this? If so what is the (full) command?

EDIT: no refresh option in manual view, View-Refresh or an F5 would be welcome, or an autoupdate every x seconds. Manually starting the Log Viewer so far: start it, take action & close it. Leaving it open being started manually~no meaning.

This is true
You are able to sort by Column in “View CFP Events” and not in log viewer. The later is a seperate exe and “View CFP Events” is part of the GUI

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You can if like export to MS Excel or other spreadsheet from the log viewer and sort by column that way. Excel deals with IP addresses in a as straight numbers and not octets, also unless the logs are small it does not filter very well but it will sort by column.