Start Up Service

Hello Again,
I use two pieces of software to control Startup for most programs. One is StartUp Monitor that lets me know a program wants to run something at startup. Sometimes this can be annoying like when Windows wants to Clean up after an installation, or when a program wants to run at startup, Quick Time can be quite persistent to aggravating, as are a few other programs.

        I want only my operating system and selected security programs to run at startup.  There is no need for Quick Time, Adobe, etc to be running until I click on it.   Then those programs can check for updates.

        I also run a small free program called Start Up Control Panel (there are many similar programs), in which I can uncheck what runs at startup.  My problem is that even unchecked programs like Spyware Doctor would run at startup.  Had to go into Services.msc but then I have to restart it each time I just want to run a scan with it.   Also Nvidia insists on having one program running at startup even though I already have it unchecked.

      Can Comodo create a utility that could monitor ( and identify items wanting to run at startup, if needed or not needed  by linking to the many free services that Identity these services.  And if not found would search identify and return the results via email)  And also identify root kits that want to run.

This would be a combination of the Start Up Monitor, and the Start Up Control Panel.  But most importantly would allow the sequence in which items load.  I would prefer security programs such as Comodo Firewall Pro would load as early in the order as possible.

Thank You again,

Sounds like a good idea, it should include rootkits, non-Microsoft services and programs that starts with the computer.
Also Spybot S&D TeaTimer already warns if a new programs want to run on start-up, tho Comodo one would be better if it warned about rootkits and services too. Could maybe be integrated in CPF 3?

Would prefer to keep it seperate.