Start Up of Program

I have just installed Comodo Firewall Pro. When I rebooted the system, it was unclear to me if the firewall was functioning or not. I did not see an icon on my taskbar like I do with other programs. Once I hit the desktop icon, it did appear. Does the program start automatically or do I need to hit the desktop icon every time? I am not a computer ■■■■ like most of you and so my question is a basic one. Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

CFP should start automatically. There should be an icon in the system tray like the one in the screenshot (see end of post).


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Try to reinstall the Comodo.
If the problem remains, uninstall, clean the registry with some reg cleaner, reboot, and install Comodo again.

If you have any startup protection like Spyware terminator or Arovax shield, it may have blocked the startup entry?