Start antivirus as quickly as possible during computer startup

Comodo Antivirus can’t detect any viruses until cfp.exe didn’t load fully at boot time. I suggest add ‘Run antivirus as quickly as possible’ option for extra security like ‘Block all unknown requests if the application is closed’ option in Defence+.

cmdagent is responsible for that not cfp. Do you “scan memory on start”?

I meant that any malware can be easy started until it is written “COMODO Internet Security is being initialized…” in cfp (about 5 seconds after the icon of CIS has been loaded in tray)

Yes, I have checked this option.

Why exactly would you download a malware before your system has started properly?

I just tested the reaction of antivirus. I set in autorun eicar test file and rebooted. And the virus was launched.
P.S. Defense+ also doesn’t see the malware in certain cases, while CIS is initialized. For more info read here.

I meant more like… why would you need antivirus to be at full potential at startup? As anti-virus is not really required for a clean system, unless the user manually downloads something…

Some viruses is located in password-protected archives. They can be unzipped, execute malicious code and delete themself during the boot. In this case, neither the antivirus nor the defense+ can’t detect anything. And if the sandbox is disabled, the result will be sad.
And sometimes antivirus set up on not just installed system. For example, instead of another antivirus.


So the service doesn’t start up AV immediately then? Or doesn’t it just have time to start up with automated user login?

I tested it with autologin.
UPD: I have tested without autologin and run the test virus from the scheduled tasks - the result is the same as with autologin