Starcraft II (1.4) will not run with Comodo

Generally, whenever they release a patch for Starcraft II, I just have to run the game, recheck the box to make the game executable a trusted file, and that’s it. But as of the latest patch, released today, SC2 will not run while Comodo is running in the background. As in, the game crashes upon startup.

Nothing that I have tried works. I have tried making the SC2 executable files trusted file. Doesn’t work. I have tried running in game mode. No good. The game literally will not run. The only way to make it run is to shut down Comodo entirely, and I do not like having to do that. Please advise, and please be SPECIFIC about any steps I need to take. Thx.

what do the logs say?
firewall, defense, antivirus.
thats the first step.

Defense+ blocked it multiple times because of a “shellcode injection.” What is that and how do I fix it?

if you are sure that the file in question is safe, it would be possible to put it as exclusion for shell code injection protection. what would still leave the question, why is it doing this?

defense+ settings, execution control tab, shellcode injection detection (exclusions).