Starcraft 2 don't work


Starcraft 2 does not work when I have CIS 5 installed even if I use Gaming Mode. It crashes on startup, but after I uninstalled CIS 5 the game worked perfect so there must be some problem between Starcraft 2 and CIS 5.

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I had the same problem - it started after applying 1.1 patch. I had to disable sandbox at all, adding starcraft II.exe to trusted applications made no effects. After disabling sandbox I can play without problems.

Is there anything in CIS’s event logs? Use CIS’s external browser (C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfplogvw.exe) it’s more comprehensive.

Does Starcraft 2 work with either the Sandbox or Detect Shellcode injections disabled? It would be best to try disabling them one at time, rather than both together.

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You might want to look at this post,, that’s how I solved the crash.

Thank you for your replies, I appreciate it! I switched the sandbox on and disabled Detect Shellcode injections , but game started to crash again. The Blizzard Error Reporting tool indicates e_gfxErrorOutofMemory. There are several lines in CIS’s event logs: SC2 and SC2Switcher added to sandbox, direct access to display, access to DNS/RPC. The only way I can play is disabling sandbox.

Instead of doing that, follow the following link steps: Comodo Help, and add the offending executable to the exclusions list. Also, use Game mode before running the game. I have no problems running the game like that.

I put also SC2Switcher.exe to trusted files (SC2.exe and starcraft II.exe Id added before) and hurrah! - game works without disabling sandbox completly. First I put these file to exlusions at shellcode injections without making SC2switcher trusted app. but the game was still crushing (just like when I disabled shellcode injections at all). So theres no change when enabling/disabling Detect Shellcode injections, game works when adding these 3 files to trusted app. in Defense+ panel.