Star Citizen constantly blocked

My problem is whenever I open the Star Citizen hangar module there is often an update even if it’s just a small one to the launcher.

As soon as it has downloaded and applied the update the application does not work because CIS keeps blocking starcitizenlauncher.exe even though it is trusted.

I recall from previous experience that some security software if you have a trusted file, will still block that file if it is changed in anyway even though it is the same name and location. Is that what is happening here?

I also am not getting any popup asking if I want to allow starcitizenlauncher.exe access it’s just automatically blocking it.

If I then add it to trusted file again it still doesn’t work as after adding it again if I then tryto close the launcher I still events in the “Blocked Intrusions” log for starcitizenlauncher.exe so the application can’t even close unless I task manger it or close CIS.

I’ve tried running it in game mode with HIPS off and it’s no different. The launcher opens and runs fine but as soon as there is a patch, after it applies the patch and reopens the launcher doesn’t respond (since it can’t talk to the server) and i just get a whole heap of starcitizenlauncher.exe entries in the “Blocked Intrusions” log. If I add it as trusted again and then close the game or CIS, it then opens and runs fine without any issue until the next time there is a patch where it happens all over again.

How do I get CIS to just ignore that file completely forever? Or at least popup asking me if I want it to block it instead of just automatically blocking it?

EDIT: I also selected “Define exclusions for behavior blocked” and added the file as an exclusion there as well. Once everything is fine with the launcher and it works it also does the same thing to the starcitizen.exe application when that loads.


Are the files listed as unrecognized?
I can’t seem to find the company listed as trusted vendor.

Go to unrecognized files list and if you trust this file Right click on the file > Move > Trusted Files
and please click the “OK”.
All done. Now CIS trusts this file forever.

Can you please upload this file to CAMAS, so experts can look into it.