stapo64.dll audio driver being marked trojan?

Hi everyone, new to the forums and a bit excited =o
I’ve been using comodo for quite a while now and i’ve had stapo64.dll (my sound) keep comming up as ~FOI@19657192 …
and another time comming up as trojware.win32.trojandropper.agent.ssj@33101728

i been wondering why would my sound be infected?
and no i do not go on suspicious sites, just the normal youtube and whatnot…

Just wanted to know if i should be alarmed about this…

Hope you can help me out :smiley:
~Thanks =]

Let me move it to the FP board. :slight_smile:

Hi RawrStar,

Can you please upload the detected file for our analysis to submit file.


Thanks for the move omeletguy :slight_smile:

haja, did you want me to unquarantine that file? or do a full search for that same exact file? cause i wasnt too sure which you wanted.

i looked in the folder where that stapo64.dll was supposedly at before it was quarantined, but its not there anymore? however theres another stapo.dll and stapo64.dll that i searched for throughout my computer. so yeah should i just unquarantine or go get the one that i found when i searched my whole computer?

Hi RawrStar,

If u can find the file,which CIS detected it as ~FOI[at]19657192,pls upload it to the forum or through this link:

If u can’t find the file detected,pls offer the link of software,so that we can download it and have a look at it and will get back to you after investigation.If any questions,pls let us know.

Thanks and Regards,

hi hailong.■■■■
i’m a bit worried? for some reason i try to submit the file using the link that was provided and the file couldn’t be found?
However, when i went through my computer and looked for it, it was there.
So for some reason i could not find the file through the webpage.
Is it possible its hidden when being searched to be submitted?
and there is no link for that stapo64.dll cause it came with the computer.
Though i was able to submit it through using the quarantine option and submitting the file there? cause thats the only thing i found.
And yes i did try to restore the file go and submit it but since for some reason i couldn’t put it in to be submitted, i just re quarantined that file manually since comodo didn’t mark it as a trojware the second virus scan.

Hi RawrStar,

Pls follow next steps:
1、Find the file
2、Zipped the file
3、Upload it to the forum
We are going to have a look at it and will get back to you after investigation.

Thanks and Regards,

o ok, thanks for the help hailong.■■■■ hope you can figure it out for me :slight_smile:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi RawrStar,

Thanks for the submission.We will check that and get back to you shortly.



The false-positive was fixed with DB 2816 of Comodo Internet Security 3.12.111745.560. You can check and confirm.


:open_mouth: thanks so much ! :slight_smile:
I love how efficient comodo is :slight_smile:

Thanks again!