Standlone COMODO Virtual Kiosk

Comodo Best of the Best!! :-TU

Great idea egeman. :-TU


so many YES & a separate portable Kiosk

Yaa, You Betchya…That’s a BIG YES!!!

P.S. MUST BE WIN 8 Compatible !

Can it be put on a flash drive? :wink:

+1. It would be nice. Will there be any new themes being released for Virtual Kiosk.


Well, here is my opinion and one use to virtual kiosk as a standalone aplication:

I think tha Virtual Kiosk should be standalone/independent of CIS because the use for it is MORE than an tool for CIS. Like the case above:

  • I have a lot of clients that dont need CIS. They just need to power up their computers, login, open their web browsers and go for bank sites/finnancial sites/ etc. With Virtual Kiosk as a standalone app I can set it up as a startup aplication, make rules in Winows and everytime they power up their computer and login the first thing that will load at startup is the Virtual kiosk with their prefered web browser with their sites separed by tabs. All that in a virtual environment, full virtualized and secured.

This is THE way to go on Kiosk, I think…

For sure… CIS with VK is a great plus but the VK should be an standalone app too.

ps.: In some tests i can make an customizable windows xp without almost everything, letting just the essentials things so the system can work. Imagine this windows xp extreme-lite with virtual kiosk intagrated (as i do with any app) for clients like mine… this is sick :smiley:

I can go further and have a Linux distribution made bymyself just to load the wine and running virtualkiosk on it. Like and Virtual Kiosk OS. Sure, this is almost nonsense, but its an alternative of usage for VK as a standalone app…

Or I can stay on CIS 5.12 and have Virtual Kiosk running on the same system…

so… will comodo release a standalone virtual kiosk?

I personally feel comodo does not need to create a standalone virtual kiosk.


We have sandboxie already.Comodo would be doing themselves a huge misjustice by putting there kiosk directly opposite sandboxie.

I dont think the majority of users would go for it and would sooner use a time tested product like sandboxie.

sandboxie is an aplication by comodo or an feature from cis?

Everyone and everything has to start somewhere.
Products like sandboxie were not always time tested products. :wink:

No, neither one. Sandboxie is a stand alone application.

Regards RealNature,

well, so what is the problem about comodo releasing their virtual kiosk?

one has nothing to do to the other… right?

i know that it was not you who pointed out the thng about “same softwares” etc., but im just sayn… in my opinion Virtual Kiosk as a standalone aplication will be more than wellcome…

im sure they are working on it. I dont think egemen would ask us unless they were planning on releasing it as a standalone.

Yep you right, I’m sure we will see a stand alone Kiosk. So patience let’s see what Comodo is cooking :slight_smile:

It’s a nice idea, this is shows that comodo has confidence in their sandbox and this also a way to get a good reputation as well as getting attention from a broader audience.

My question wasn’t answered and I guess it won’t be either but I still wonder if Comodo will hire more people to do this, if not then which product is going to suffer? If you don’t hire some new guys then in my head it’s logical that already hired personell are going to work on this project and it seems logical to me that they were working on something else before which means that a product is left with less developers or maybe just less hours from those developers, or maybe it means a product will be discontinued. Since the kiosk was introduced through CIS I’d assume any developers not hired in would have previously worked on CIS and that to me sounds like CIS will get less hours/less developers working on it and in my opinion it curently needs all the developing it can get.
So yeah, if CIS will be left suffering from this then my vote is no. Or perhaps I’ve misunderstood, I just realized thatmaybe it’s just that you still develope it for CIS but then make it usable without having CIS, doesn’t seem like it would take all that much focus from CIS then.