Standlone COMODO Virtual Kiosk

Hi Guys,

Do you want to have a standalone Virtual Kiosk application so that you can have comodo sandbox without full blown CIS?

Practically, it will be fully functional like in CIS without firewall, antivirus etc.

Would a third-party firewall run outside the Kiosk, be able to provide protection for applications run within the Kiosk?

Also, would a third-party Antivirus program be able to identify and flag malicious programs run within the Kiosk?

It’s funny that this question is being asked now after I was told by “panic” in May of last year that the Virtual Kiosk would be a standalone application as it appeared in the video that showed off the kiosk. If this is to be done, it should be portable if possible. That way you can take it with you on a USB stick for use on computers other than your own.

  1. something they would like to see, behavior blocker was warning about what action we take, instead of isolating automatically.;

    • defense working in fully virtualized mode, after all there are malware able to bypass sandbox;
  2. that CIS premium, not a security suite limited as your protection, do not make so did kaspersky and avira giving a product free at the beginning and stabbing those who did not develop, but contributed immensely to the products cited were the it is today, reporting bugs, giving ideas for improvement, sending new malware samples from day 0.

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i like the idea of having kiosk as a standalone app for those who just want comodos sandbox.

at everyone

please stay on topic. this topic wasnt created for your wishes for CIS or to ask for help. Egemen just wanted our feedback about virutal kiosk being a standalone app.


If I understand the question correctly I would. The Kiosk as a portable/standalone application. I would carry it on a USB. It would great if I needed to check my mail or other accounts from someone else’s computer.

voted in favour :-TU

the choice of terms would be interesting to install or not virtualkiosk addition to being a weight less in the installation of CIS 6.

@egemen: Yes, I do. :slight_smile: :-TU

Voted Yes. Is a good thing, but also CIS should have an option at install if you want to install also kiosk so you don’t have to download again.

Me too . Yes, I do. :-TU

50% 50% here. But since almost all in favor and I agree with the point above. Why not?

while it would be nice I wonder if it would take even a tiny bit of development off of CIS? In that case no thank you, CIS seems to need all of the developers/development it can get.

voted in favour

A standalone version is good.
A portable version is better :slight_smile:

i am doing banking and uses other security suite and softs (Emsisoft & Webroot) , but none has a real banking isolation mode with virtual keyboard, so Kiosk will be useful to me.

if you do make this available you need to give an option to run apps with a restriction level in addition to virtualization.


1 user only uses virtualization
2 user has virtualization and restrictions across the board
3 same as 2 but has some apps run at different restriction levels than the standard level chosen by the user for all other apps
4 user has virtualization and no restrictions across the board but does have restriction levels for user specified apps. regardless if this becomes a standalone these options need to be added to the kiosk that’s in cis. right now the only way to get restrictions plus virtualization is to choose an app to always run sandboxed. it would also be nice to have virtualization and restrictions for the auto sandbox instead of just one or the other

Yes a separate one plz… :-TU

I have voted yes, just because I have never used it while I was using CIS.

I have voted yes. And I think by default virtual kiosk should not be installed with CIS. Instead it should be in the GUI task where if you want to install it you can download & install it like KillSwitch.

By the way if you will install seperate VK & later install CIS, will VK merge with CIS or it will still be a seperate install?


and default virtual kiosk we see in december 2013! with out CIS 6.1 now …
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