Standard suggestions don't fix Install Problem

First, let me say that I have read, re-read, and read again multiple different threads of people having problems with uninstall/install of CFW. I have tried every suggestion. As a last resort I am posting in hopes that someone might be able to point out something I could do differently.

First of all my problems started today when my Comodo Firewall (ver2.4.18) informed me that my there was a problem and that I should reinstall my firewall (is this normal?). I have had Comodo for a while and I had never seen this kind of message before, so I opened up the control window for Comodo and sure enough all the protection options had been switched off and I could not switch them back on again. So I thought to myself… thats really weird, I wonder if there are any updates. At that point I went online and found that there was a version3 release. So I downloaded it, and tried to uninstall my (now apparently broken) v2 software. I got the typical “could not delete the shortcuts, do it yourself” message everyone else sees. When I tried to install v3, I got the standard “you have an older version installed, uninstall it using add and remove programs…”. So I realized I had a problem and began reading all the posts on this site about how to fix bad uninstalls of v2. I got the uninstaller zip file, ran it, rebooted, went and deleted additional stuff out of the registry that it had not found, deleted the Program Files/Comodo folder it says to get rid of, rebooted, turned off everything (I didnt start in safemode but I killed all the non-essential processes, including my AVG antivirus, peerguardian, etc… Ran the install for version and it seemed like it was going well… it ran the system scan and then… rolled back and told me that it couldn’t delete the shortcuts again. No Joy. No Firewall.

I have searched my file system and the registry over and over looking for any sign of persisting Comodo stuff, and I get rid of it all before trying the installs, which always rollback on me at the end of the instillation.

Im running windows XP (with all the updates) and hoping that someone will read this and see some glaring mistake I have made and show me how to fix what I have literally spent a full day trying to do… get a decent firewall back on my computer.

I would really appreciate any suggestions or tips

Hello allohakdan,

Please, check your winchester, it’s file system integrity and if possible, the memory, too. Also run an online virus scanner, please. The mentioned problem may rise up when either the file system/installation is damaged or you got a malware on your computer.