Standard programs detection failure

Hello, I recently installed Comodo Firewall but it messed a little my system so now I have not uninstalled it but set to allow all traffic from and to my computer. This is because I think it will be a great product but needs some improvements. The first one is that it has been unable to detect my Apache and Bind servers that are installed on my system. I think that ongoing or outgoing detection traffic needs to be improved but perhaps the problem can be the pop up system that appears just when some traffic is detected. For my case I was really buzzed the first time I installed it because a lot of alerts keep on appearing and dissapearing when trying to check the box labelled ‘Remember this setting’ or something like that. Also I have a feeling to have been missing a lot of these alerts when I was unable to check them all so I pushed Accept button and let it go. Another thing is that it is a must to have four buttons instead of two and a check box, the difference is an important additional and annoying click when a lot of these alerts are confusing you.