Standard browser

I like to use Comodo Dragon, but the missing feedreeder keeps me from doing so. Every now and then I start CD and everytime he makes himself standard browser, which is not necessary, but rather annoying.
I have not found any way to stop that.
Any idea how I could do that?

i don’t know the answer of the question from the first post (i only found the button where you put CD as the standard browser), but i have also a question which is kind of related to the question:

i have set CD as the standard browser but i.e. when i click on links at windows live, internet explorer automatically opens. so i looked for the standard used programms (win7) and CD does not appear in this list. other browsers appear in this list though. is there any way to fix this?
i have to have internet explorer on the system for some scrips (for some reason they require IE).

HI pencom and heartofhate try this steps to resolve this issue ,


  1. goto control panel
  2. Add or remove programs
  3. set programs access and Defaults
  4. In that select custom option Please check this

5.It list all the default programs options it found for Default Web Browser, Default E-mail Program, and Default Media Player: under “Choose a default Web browser”, you will see an entry for each application Windows XP has recognized as being a web browser. The screenshot below shows the settings for one particular computer, and what you see will vary, based on installed browsers.

6. DONE !!!


  1. Click on the start menu, and type “default program” in the search field.Click on ENTER
  2. It will take some time to load the application installed on your computer.
    3.Once the process is complete, you will see a series of applications, all of which can be used as the “default handler”
  3. Windows 7 are listed: “Comodo Dragon”, and “Internet Explorer” Please select the comodo dragon browser you want to use as default browser for Windows 7, click on it to select it, and its information will be displayed on the right.

5.Within a second, Windows 7 will confirm your new default web browser by displaying a “This program has all its defaults” message above that button.
6.DONE !!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

I Hope this info is useful to resolve your Issue :slight_smile:

thanks d-vin for the reply.
actually i figured it out on my own but in a more complicated way as you described.
now i am fully satisfied with this browser